WPEngine vs Site5 Hosting Review 2016

WPEngine vs Site5 2016 – Find out which wordpress hosting provider is recommended for hosting your blog in 2016 via this comparison article.

Wordpress Hosting Server

With highly scalable architecture, extremely helpful sales reps, and a number of excellent features that are rivaled by no other web hosting company in the business, WPEngine is one of the best WordPress platform choices available. In our review of WPEngine vs Site5, we’ll see how they stack up to their competitor in terms of pricing, plans, features, customer service and more.

WPEngine features a number of different plans at the lowest prices available. With their personal plan, you get 25,000 visits per month and one installation of WordPress. With their professional plan, you get 100,000 visitors at just $99 per month. Their business plan starts at $249 per month and includes all the above features plus another 300k visitors as well as 25 installations. Site5 does not have this extremely affordable pricing given the amount of features you receive and visitors allowed for each plan, and therefore ranks lower in terms of plans and pricing.


WPEngine hosts one of the most powerful caching features you’ll find with any host. Using EverCache, your site will become extremely scalable. This platform is integrated directly into your site upon setup, and thus, you will never need to worry about plugins. Since it refreshes and updates by itself, it requires no additional installation process.

Additionally, WPEngine uses a content delivery network, which means that content is delivered to your visitors based on where they are located geographically. WPEngine can do this because of its powerful global network of servers, which are distributed all over the world. Site5 does not have this same type of CDN, making it a weaker choice in terms of features.

Customer Service

WPEngine is known for their extremely helpful customer service and sales team. Using their sales reps’ knowledge, you’ll be able to quickly solve any problems that you might be experiencing on your site. WPEngine is one of the best platforms in terms of customer service and has long established a reputation for having some of the most knowledgable people on their team. If for any reason you need help, they are on call 24/7 and have entirely US-based customer service.

Site5 also ranks fairly well in terms of customer service, and you’ll get a pretty good response time using both platforms. They rank equally in terms of customer service.


WPEngine regularly hosts promotions and deals to allow you to get 20% off or more on your first sign up for any of their available plans. This makes their normally somewhat higher-end prices more affordable even to those business owners who might not be able to afford their plans normally. Site5 doesn’t included quite as many promotions throughout the year, so it’s harder to save money as you sign up for one of their plans.


In terms of pricing, affordability, scalability, and customer service, WPEngine is one of the best hosting platforms available. They utilize powerful technology that is on the cutting edge of web hosting platforms, while Site5 unfortunately hasn’t caught up in terms of tech and innovation. Additionally, you can save a lot of money using the regularly scheduled coupon deals that WPEngine puts out. For this reason, they receive our #1 recommendation and are rated 5/5 stars.


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WPEngine vs Rackspace Review 2016

WPEngine vs Rackspace 2016 – Find out which wordpress hosting provider is recommended for hosting your blog in 2016 via this comparison article.

Wordpress Hosting Provider

WPEngine is one of the top providers of hosting for WordPress-based sites, no matter what size of business you run. If you’re looking for security, stability, and speed, WPEngine is one of the best choices you can make in a web host. Since starting in 2011, the company has proven themselves to be a top provider of services for site owners, including the top security and content delivery solutions of all web hosts available. In this article, we’ll discuss how WPEngine measures up against Rackspace, one of their primary competitors.

Plans and Pricing

WPEngine plans and pricing are intended to be affordable for anyone who is launching a managed WordPress platform. Their personal plan starts at $29 per month, while their professional plan is $99 per month and gives you 10 installs across any sites you’d like to have. Their top of the line is the business plan at $249 per month, which gives you 100 installs and a much larger allotment of monthly traffic.

Rackspace includes basic hosting plans that start at $10 per month — however, you will not receive the same amount of powerful features in terms of security and stability that you get with WPEngine. For this reason, we can’t recommend them as our number one pick for plans and pricing.


WPEngine includes a number of important features that most other WordPress hosts don’t provide, such as the Evercache platform for caching your site and a powerful content delivery network. For this reason, they remain the top provider of WordPress hosting — they simply have the best technology. It does cost a bit more to maintain your site, but for the features you get, it’s worth it. You will receive site backups on a daily basis, staging sites and one click installs, restore points, and access to their CDN. The CDN, or content delivery network, is one of the most powerful aspects of WPEngine. Through this service, they allow you to deliver content to your visitors based on their location — so if they are in Europe, they’ll receive a version of your site that is hosted locally. This reduces downtime and lag anytime someone wants to pull up your site.

Rackspace doesn’t have this powerful added technology, making them fairly decent if you’re looking for a standard WordPress option. But if you are getting lots of traffic and pay the bills through your site, you should definitely consider WPEngine due to their powerful security and reliability.

Customer Service

Both hosts rank fairly equal in terms of customer service, providing pleasant and polite experiences. However, WPEngine ranks slightly higher due to the fact that its reps are trained specifically in WordPress — that’s their specialty. They have a higher level of knowledge than all other companies in the business, and this helps in diagnosing problems that might pop up.


In terms of WPEngine vs Rackspace, WPEngine remains our number one recommendation for WordPress hosting, as they provide the best technology and installation features that are available. True, they are priced a bit higher, but you will easily make that money back in terms of added traffic you’ll receive to a more powerful, enhanced version of your site. WPEngine receives a full 5/5 stars in our ranking scale.


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WPEngine vs Softlayer Review 2016

WPEngine vs Softlayer Review 2016 – Find out which wordpress hosting provider is recommended for hosting your blog in 2016 via this comparison article.

With a number of intelligent, scalable features such as caching technology and content delivery at a premium, WPEngine is a top choice for WordPress hosting. In our review of WPEngine vs Softlayer, we’ll see how they measure up to one of their main competitors. WPEngine promises scalable and secure hosting at an affordable rate, while Softlayer has less of a reputation in terms of features and expertise. However, we’ll dive in and truly compare these two hosts in terms of plans and pricing, features, customer service, and reliability.

Shared Hosting Service

Pricing and Plans

WPEngine offers a number of different plans for managed WordPress hosting. These include the personal plan at $29 per month, with the professional plan being $99 per month. On this plan, you get 10 installations and one hundred thousand visitors allowed per month. Their business plan begins at $249 per month. This plan lets you have up to 400,000 visits per month.

Softlayer also provides a number of various plans, and has comparable technology in terms of letting you get plenty of visits. However, you’ll need to discuss individual pricing with them for your own specific business needs. This means it takes longer just to get started building your platform. For this reason, WPEngine wins our recommendation in terms of plans and pricing.


WPEngine boasts the best security available for WordPress solutions. Their backups are done daily and kept for two months, while they have a number of data centers that also store backups to ensure that even if one goes down, you will always have access to a copy. Their security is top of the line because they have not just one, but two different security firms working on their risk assessment and auditing.

Softlayer provides basic security measures, but without the same promises granted by WPEngine. For this reason, they are not considered to be as powerful in terms of security and features.
Both hosts offer comparable CDN technology, allowing visitors to receive specialized versions of your site depending on where they are located in the world. This reduces lag time. However, given WPEngine’s overall better tech, we suggest them as our number one recommendation for features.

Customer Service

WPEngine has long been known for their reputation as one of the most knowledgeable WordPress hosting companies around. If you have to talk to one of their tech representatives, you’ll be greeted by someone who is helpful, friendly, and more than capable of answering your questions and providing a solution. If for any reason you find yourself encountering difficulties, they will quickly get on the job.

Softlayer has reasonably good customer service, but they don’t have the same reputation for excellence that WPEngine does. For this reason, our customer service recommendation also goes to WPEngine.


If you’re looking for the most powerful, secure, and reliable WordPress hosting available, WPEngine is the way to go. With affordable prices, excellent customer service, and the promise of fast, reliable service no matter where your traffic is coming from, WPEngine is our number one recommendation. They receive a full 5/5 stars in terms of pricing, plans, and features.


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